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    and start to do real business. We are able to provide professional
    comprehensive support for entering of your products at the huge
                 Chinese market.
Professional support for doing business in China

1.CORY CZ has been doing business in China since 2003. We can offer you our long - term experience and top skills.

Logistics, certifications, packaging

We organize transport between Europe and China including the customs clearance, provide the certification of your products for the Chinese market and furnish your packaging products that meet China's import regulations and standards.

Office based in China

We are a part of NEW FUTURE GROUP, the headquarters of which are situated in Xiamen, in south east China, as well as their offices, warehouse and staff. In case of representing your business activities that fact increases the trustworthiness for our Chinese business partners.

Since 2003

We have had 12 years of experience.
We have met many difficulties and challenges, and we know how to solve them. We can save you a great deal of unnecessary risks and costs.

Selling in China

The Chinese market is unique and specific with different customs, traditions, rules, administrative obstacles, cultural and language barriers. We know the local environment, we can help you to avoid cultural and business misunderstandings .

Production in China

We arrange customized production of desired high quality in China. We can also provide turnkey production solution.


We hold seminars focused on the topic of Business in China today. We will happy to answer all your questions. Free entry. Registration here.
Venue: Vědecko-technologický park Ostrava
Date: 25.2.2016, 13:00